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Dino is one of the hottest casino games out there right now. Its popularity rating is such that we had to offer you a reliable review. How does it work? Is this game really worth it? Is it lucrative? What is its payout rate? Are there any techniques to make sure you win? We answer all these questions in this comprehensive review of the Dino mini-game that we tested for you!
Min. stake$0.2
Max stake$1,000
Max gain$10,000
What is the Dino game from MyStake?

What is the Dino game from MyStake?

Dino is a mini-game about a dinosaur that runs and runs and runs... with the sole purpose of maximising the player's winnings. Indeed, the dinosaur's cavalcade causes a multiplier to increase in value, which keeps inflating as long as the dino is on the move. But, of course, this coefficient does not grow forever. It stops growing as soon as the dinosaur is struck down by a large meteorite.

The whole excitement of the dinosaur is that it is a dinosaur.

All the excitement and fun of playing Dino lies in the uncertainty of knowing exactly when the meteorite will strike. If the creature falls to this huge boulder before you've had time to press the button that will allow you to get your shot, then you'll lose the game as well as your stake. Otherwise, you will make winnings, the amount of which will depend on the value of the multiplier applied to your bet.

A casino crash game

If you're a fan of mini-games, you're probably familiar with the very popular titles Aviator, JetX or even Jet Lucky which are called crash games. Dino falls into the same category because it has in common with all these entertainment options the mechanism of realizing the winnings. You have to cash out before the worst happens. In JetX, Aviator and Jet Lucky, the player must take his winnings before the aircraft explodes or disappears. Dino uses the same principle, but with a more innovative gameplay. If you like the principle of crash games, but want to see something other than planes, this title is just what you need!

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Why play the Dino Casino game?

If you're looking for good reasons to play Dino Casino, well you'll find more than one! Where to start?

First of all, as a mini-game, Dino offers the main advantage intrinsic to this type of entertainment: convenient yet simple gameplay. You don't need to be a master strategist or a player with special playing faculties or unique skills to get into a game. Dino is suitable for all types of players, experienced or not. That's right, a complete beginner has just as much chance of making money or losing a game as a seasoned punter.

In terms of winnings, Dino is positioned in the high average of lucrative games. Its multiplier can reach the x10,000 mark, and knowing that the maximum bet is €1,000, you'll agree that there's potentially a huge amount of money to be made. If you're looking for an online casino title with a high payout, this one should absolutely do the trick, in this case if you're incredibly lucky.

Also, the sessions on Dino are dynamic, with each spin averaging 30 seconds in length. This means you'll be treated to some fast-paced games, which will give you a chance to cash in if you're lucky. Also, the game is not at all resource-intensive, so it can run on all types of devices, including mobile. Whether you're at a friend's house, on the train or on the road, you'll be able to play and win money from your smartphone or tablet.

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What are the rules of the Dino MyStake game?

What are the rules of the Dino MyStake game?

Dino is an online casino game with rules that couldn't be simpler. To play it, you need to start by placing a bet included in the game's betting range, which ranges from €0.20 to €1,000. Once you have set your bet, click on the 'Bet' button to have it taken into account. Then wait for the dino to start its crazy run and increase your multiplier. To cash out, simply press the "Cashout" button.

To determine the player's winnings, the multiplier displayed at the time the cashout was made is applied to the bet. For example, if you bet €20 and click "Cashout" when the multiplier has a value of 15.05x, you will receive a payout of €301 (€20 x 15.05).

If anything should go wrong during your game (game crashing for example), don't worry at all, as all affected users' bets will be refunded. The Dino MyStake mini-game also incorporates features that are not without interest. Find out how to use them.

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What features are available in the Dino Money game?

What features are available in the Dino Money game?

It's no secret that games with routine gameplay like Dino's can bore their users in no time. Fortunately, you can make your games a little more interesting with double betting and live chat. You can also make your life easier by using the automatic betting and cashing features. In short, everything has been thought of by MyStake to allow players to simplify their lives and not get bored after a few minutes of play.

The double bet

The very first feature we will introduce here is the double bet. As the name suggests, this option allows the player to place two simultaneous bets. Dino's interface thus presents two betting control panels, independent of each other. By placing two bets at the same time, you take twice the risk, but at the same time you give yourself the chance to double your winnings and replenish your bankroll much faster. This feature also proves to be a great help in setting up a double-bet winning strategy, which we'll talk about a little later in the article.

The Auto Bet

If you plan to play Dino for a long time, you might be annoyed by having to place a bet every time, and that's not to mention that you might even fail to do so within the time limit if you are not prompt enough. Great would certainly be your disappointment and frustration if the missed session ended up with a big multiplier offered to those who took part.

Thankfully, it is possible to avoid this annoyance and take part in absolutely every round, without missing a single one. The solution is: auto-betting. On the session control panel, more precisely at the level of the bet amount setting, you will notice an "Auto" sticker. Simply click on it to increase the automatic bet. Once this is done, the bet amount displayed will instantly be deducted from your bankroll at the start of each spin.


Just like the auto-cashout, you don't have to click your mouse all the time to cash out (Cashout), to the point of ruining it. If you intend to play Dino for a long time, this is another feature you will greatly appreciate. As the name suggests, Auto Cashout is used to take winnings on each new round of play, without having to lift a finger.

How does auto-cashout work? Well, this option is activated at the betting control panel. You'll see another "Auto" button opposite "Collect 5x" which is placed below the one that allows you to set up the automatic bet, as explained a few lines above. Click on it to activate the automatic cashout, after having taken care to set the value of the multiplier, which, once reached, should trigger an automatic cashout of your winnings.

Live chat

If you are sociable, then you will most certainly take great pleasure in using the live chat built into the Dino game. It is made to chat instantly with other players. You can use this feature to share your joy of playing and winning at Dino with other people. In the live chat, it is even possible to find tips shared by other players. In short, it's truly a great addition to the game, and you can go there whenever you want if boredom strikes, with the feature active 24/7.

Game history

More and more casino games are incorporating a game history, which is a pretty cool feature, especially for mini-games. To the right of the screen where the dinosaur is seen running, there is a pane displaying 3 tabs. "Current Bets" shows the bets of all users involved in the same round of play. The green lines are those of players who have already cashed out, and they show the values of the bet, the multiplier and the winnings made. The other tabs show your betting statistics (My Bets) and those of the biggest players (Highrollers).

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3 tips to win money on the dinosaur game

Whether it's Dino MyStake Casino, the chicken game, or any other casino title, there is no magic method to win every time. Nor is there a hack to win every time, as the dino can be crushed by the meteorite as soon as the game starts, leaving no chance for anyone to make any money. However, it is possible to play this mini-game intelligently and have a better chance of winning than the average player. In the next few lines, we will reveal the results of our test on Dino as well as the strategies and tricks we have put in place to make our games profitable.

1. Martingale method

If you've ever had the idea of scouring the internet for tips, techniques or strategies that can help you make money on casino games, chances are you've stumbled upon the martingale. And you have most likely discovered that this betting technique is advocated by many players for its effectiveness in making money. The martingale, which is widely used in roulette, comes in handy on all casino entertainment options, including mini-games such as Dino.

If you are new to martingale with this article, you should know that it is a technique that involves doubling the amount of one's bet after each loss. As soon as a win is obtained, you go back to the initial bet. The winnings will cover all previous lost bets. For an effective martingale, you should not just click on "Cashout" for any multiplier value. In fact, you must set, at the start of your game session, the multiplier for which you will cash out.

Concretely, here is how to apply the martingale. Let's say you bet €10 up front. If you lose, you will have to put €20 into play. If you lose again, the new bet to be made will be in the amount of €40. Another loss will result in a new bet of €80. If this fourth attempt is successful (i.e. the multiplier has reached the desired value), for the next bet you will have to put the original amount of €10 into play.

2. Auto-cashout method

As you know, discipline is the pet peeve of many people. If this is your case, then this betting method will do you the world of good. What is it all about? It's nothing complicated. The auto-cashout technique will prevent you from falling into the trap of "greed", because thanks to the auto-cashout, you will make winnings at a constant multiplier value. For example, if you set a winnings target with a multiplier of x2, all you need to do is set the auto-cashout for that value. The auto-cashout method is undoubtedly the best way to discipline yourself and not get greedy and take the risk of waiting for a big multiplier.

3. Double Dino bets method

The double bet method can be used not only to play Dino, but also any mini-game that has a double bet control panel. As you will have understood, it will involve placing two simultaneous bets. There are several ways to apply this Dino trick, but here we will explain the one with the least risk.

This will involve placing a first bet with a view to making winnings with a multiplier of x1.50 and then a second bet which is half of the first one and will result in winnings with the multiplier of your choice. However, be careful not to be too greedy with the multiplier on the second bet.

Let's take an example to illustrate the value of the double bet method. Let's say your bet on the left control panel is €20; the one on the right control panel is €10; all for respective multipliers of x1.50 and x4. If you cash in for each multiplier value, you will have won €30 with the first bet and €40 with the second bet.

The first bet is a hedging bet as the winnings it generates will get back all the money staked for a single spin on Dino. As for the second bet, it is only used to release the profits. In this scenario, if you cash in for both multipliers, you will have won €70, of which €40 will be your net profit.

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What is Dino's rate of return to the player (RTP)?

The Dino MyStake game has a 96% return to player rate for low volatility. In the mini-game category, this is certainly not the highest title available, but it is still a decent percentage. There are indeed creations that offer a less attractive payout rate.

Our conclusion and review of the Dino Casino game

Dino is the new sensation in the crash mini-game category. It makes a nice change from the planes that players are certainly already far too used to with Aviator, JetX, JetLucky, Crash, etc. This new concept is therefore quite interesting and very original. With its simplified gameplay, the game does not cater for any type of player. Both complete beginners and the more experienced should be able to get by and make a profit if they are lucky. To make your life easier, feel free to use the features above. And to increase your chances of winning, simply apply the tips, techniques, methods and strategies tested by our team and revealed in this comprehensive Dino MyStake game review.

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